BareBurger | Hoboken

If you live in the NYC area then you have undoubtedly seen Bareburger before.  It has been around for several years now and that franchise has continuously been growing along with their popularity, all for good reason. They have taken something so simple, a burger and fry, and created multiple unique, upscale, organic and fully customizable versions of both items. You will be hard pressed to find something incredibly delicious on their menu that meets whatever dietary restriction you may have.

This review focuses around my last visit to the Hoboken location.

Food (8.8)

The food here is great! But it is tough to rate because you can customize your fries and add on a variety of different sauces. Of course, you can also customize your burger in any way you want. Like bison meat over old fashioned beef? They have it. Are you interested in trying Elk meat? They have that too. Have you ever had duck bacon? Me neither, but they have that too. The taste of the food in general is fantastic and very high quality. But the overall taste of your food is completely subject to whatever crazy creation you customize. The French fries here are the type of French fries I could eat daily and never get tired of but the gf buns are decent at best. This is why I rated their food an 8.8 and not in the 9s.

For my last visit, they ran out of gluten free buns AND french fries. Who runs out of French fries especially when that is half of the menu? I was very baffled by this but I didn’t dock any points, even though I wanted to. That is why in my only picture below you see just a bison burger, fundido cheese, egg and brisket in a wrapped in collard greens. This was great, but a gf bun and fries would have been much better.

BareBurger Burger Wrap

Service (9.5)

The service here is great and they really know how to take care of your dietary restriction. I’ve eaten here a bunch of times and ordered delivery often. They never make mistakes, at least from what I can remember, and they always ask the table if there are any food allergies. The servers are well trained and the kitchen prep procedures are held to high standards. Every once in a while, you will get that server who is non-communicative but the kitchen definitely knows what they are doing.

Menu (8.0)

I’ve already spoken to the vast amount of customization you can do with their menu offering. But I didn’t mention that almost everything on the menu can be made gluten free. It just depends heavily on the location and how that location’s kitchen is setup. Most have dedicated fryers for the French fries but some don’t. Some locations have regular bacon, but some have beer battered bacon. Although most of the menu is naturally gluten free or is marked as gluten free there is still some risk and menu honesty is an issue because of the fryers. Make sure you communicate with your server to understand these ingredients and cooking procedures. They will happily accommodate you in any way that they can.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

It is worth noting that I have been to multiple BareBurgers over the years on multiple occasions. I have only been glutened once and it was at a random Bareburger in Edgewater NJ that had just opened their doors, but never again anywhere else. You should feel safe and confident eating at any BareBurger but make sure you communicate your needs with your server to be as safe as possible.

Overall (8.5)

BareBurger is a worthwhile restaurant for any dietary restriction but especially gluten free eaters. The locations that have dedicated fryers are incredible and should be rated much higher. But take that away and you’re limited to only half the menu. I’m happy to recommend BareBurger to anyone but make sure you communicate your dietary needs with your server and everything will be great.