Trader Joe’s French Fries

Trader Joes French Fries Plain

I love French fries of any kind. Who doesn’t? If someone asked me what my favorite food was then my answer would be, without hesitation, French fries. Although French fries are naturally gluten free; out in the wild they usually aren’t for two reasons. One reason is that pre-packaged frozen French fries typically have some sort of ingredient that either has wheat or comes into contact with wheat in the manufacturing process. The other reason is that restaurants often use shared deep fryers which we all know is a big no for gluten free eating. Trader Joe’s has their own frozen French fries that only have about 4 or 5 ingredients which is very rare. Even “healthy” brands such as Alexia contain at minimum 500 ingredients.

Ease of Cooking (9.0)

This is the epitome of “set it and forget it” cooking. Just pre-heat the oven to a really high temperature and stick them in the oven (just make sure you space the fries on the tray). Check on them about 20-30 minutes later and your French fries are ready to eat.

Food (9.8)

I think the fact that these fries have so few ingredients is what makes them so good. They have that home cooked taste almost like how grandma would cook French fries, if she ever did. I’ve been making these fries for years and everyone I’ve shared them with has agreed. Add some cheese, crumbled bacon and everything but the bagel spice and you are in for a serious treat.

Trader Joes French Fries w Cheese and Bacon Added

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This is important to note. Trader Joe’s does not advertise these as gluten free, nor does it bear the certified gluten free label. It could be that they share a manufacturing process with other foods and can’t guarantee them to be safe. But I’ve been eating these for years without ever having an issue. Additionally, I just used Nima to make sure and she confirmed that these are ok. Consider this a rating based on experience and the fact that there are so few ingredients in these fries. But proceed with caution as always.

Overall (9.0)

My rating would be a little higher if these were advertised as gluten free or were certified gluten free. But regardless of that little setback, my experience has been that these fries are safe to eat and above all, absolutely delicious.