Hu Kitchen | NYC

If you are looking for a healthy, paleo or plant based gluten free eatery in the NYC area, look no further. If you are a frequent visitor of Whole Foods then it is likely you have had the same brilliant idea that I have when walking out; why isn’t there a fast casual version of Whole Foods everywhere? Like a mini Whole Foods I guess? Enter Hu Kitchen which is basically that idea. All their fully prepared foods and counter service foods are sugar free, processed free, fake free, gluten free and other things I can’t pronounce free. You would think this place was also fun free and taste free but you would be dead wrong. I’ve only been here once but I spent almost $120 on breakfast and lunch (in one sitting) and other prepared foods to take home because paleo never tasted better then it did here.

Food (9.5)

Look, most healthy and purely paleo restaurants rise up from the construction ashes and then fall quickly because taste was something they forgot about. There have been quite a few of those places in Hoboken that died quicker then my childhood goldfish did because I didn’t know how to clean the water tank.RIP Charlie. Hu Kitchen however, rose up, stood up and has just gotten stronger since it opened many years ago. That is because they mastered the art of making their food everything free but FULL of good taste. From their almond flour baked chicken tenders, spicy wings, pork meatballs, and over the counter hot food, you simply can’t go wrong. The bread is unique, tastes great and doesn’t crumble which is a huge plus. That goes for all of their bread offerings, including their bagels.

Service (N/A)

This is a fast casual restaurant which is the best approach for a place like this. Therefor, a service rating cannot be given.

Menu (9.0)

Obviously everything is gluten free which hasn’t factored into this rating since You can’t compare this place to restaurants that server gluten AND gluten free. However, this rating is based on their prepared food offering and quick counter hot food offering. They have an incredible assortment of breads, bagels, muffins, desserts, chicken tenders, wings, etc. But the reason they don’t get a 10.0 is because some of their mouthwatering specials that appear on Instagram constantly are only available for 2 days out of the week, usually. Some of them should really be staples, including the chicken sandwich that is pictured above.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This is also irrelevant since you will find zero gluten at Hu Kitchen. But for the sake of consistency with my reviews, I must note it.

Overall (9.2)

This is a must visit for any paleo, dairy free, gluten free, everything else free eater. You will find whatever you want to fit whatever dietary restriction or reservation that you may possess. And you will above all really like what you eat. Highly recommended.