Otto Strada | Hoboken

Otto Strada is known in Hoboken for their great authentic Italian food and vast menu options. Saying this place is popular among locals would be an understatement. If you want to dine at the restaurant, get there at off-peak hours. The wait can be very long usually so I tend to order delivery. But recently I decided to dine in, which I’ve done many times befoe I started this blog. For that reason, this review is going to have a mix of delivery and dine in service ratings. Everything will be clearly labeled.

Food (9.8) **Delivery & Dining In**

The food is always outstanding here. The crazy popularity of this place comes with good reason. From the gluten free perspective, this is top notch Italian. For delivery, I typically order their pizzas which are incredible. Some of the best pizza I’ve had in my adult gluten free life. An absolute must try. Pictures of the pizzas I’ve had in the past few months are below. I typically order the tartufo or the quattro formaggi but I can’t say I’ve had a bad pizza here.

In my recent dine in visit, we ordered the special corn on the cob appetizer which was roasted and topped with some cheeses. This was an incredible appetizer. For an entree, I ordered the bucatini alla carbonara (pasta) which was unbelievable. This rivaled the other best pasta dishes I’ve had at Grand Vin in Hoboken and Carbone in NYC. Another must try dish!

Service (9.6) **Dining In**

The service here is top notch almost always. I’m not sure if the wait staff is well trained in gluten free handling or they are just incredible servers that really understand every part of the menu. Having a conversation with them about your gluten free needs is easy and comfortable and they will make sure you are eating confidently and safely. This last visit, the server assured me that the kitchen would cook my gluten free pasta in separate water to avoid cross contamination. I felt great after eating it. This treatment is not an exception; this is the rule here.

However, this isn’t a dedicated gluten free kitchen so there is always the potential for cross contamination. But I trust the staff that they very much know what they are doing. My suggestion to be as safe as possible (besides having an open conversation with your server) is to dine in at off times to ensure the kitchen isn’t hectic and can safely take care of you.

Menu (8.0) **Delivery & Dining In**

About 90% of the menu is unique pizza and pasta dishes for which they offer gf pizza crust and gf penne substitutions. Sometimes subbing the pasta and crust doesn’t solve our problem but almost everything can be adjusted as needed to make it safe. Some dishes can’t be accommodated though, like the ones that contain bread crumbs or fried items, which is expected and no problem. Overall, the options are fantastic here and they really do a great job of offering us what we want.

The only reason points were deducted is because they don’t put gf pizza as an option on their menu (dining in or on seamless). You just have to ask for it or know it is an option before going in. The menu overall is very light on the gluten free labeling and disclaimer front. Make sure you have a good conversation with your server or ask for a manager to be certain. The service is outstanding here though, so you shouldn’t have a problem either way.

Accuracy & Speed (10.0) **Delivery**

Their delivery has always been fast. Rarely have I waited more then 30-45 minutes which means the food is always delivered hot. They are always very accurate too. I’ve never gotten the wrong crust or wrong ingredients. I always tell them not to cut the pizza, to avoid any accidental cross contamination, and they always abide by those instructions.

Did I Get Sick (NO) **Delivery**

Nope. They always follow my instructions and take care of my food in a safe way. Again, this isn’t a dedicated kitchen so there is always a possibility but they do use a special cooking tray for pizzas that end up in the same oven as other gluten filled pizzas.

Did I Get Sick (NO) **Dining In**

Same as above, no problems here whatsoever and I’ve dined in more than a few times and had a pasta dish. They will happily cook your gf pasta in separate water, just make sure to ask and try and dine in at off times.

Overall (9.4) **Delivery & Dining In**

If I talked any better about this place you’d probably think I was advertising for them, which isn’t true of course. But I do love their pizza and pasta. The options and everything about how they handle my allergy is fantastic. They are knowledgeable, they use a separate cooking tray for pizza, use separate water for pasta, listen to my instructions of not cutting the pizza and keep me safe. What more can I ask for from a restaurant that serves gluten eaters and gluten free eaters alike?