Vita Tops Muffin Tops

Vita Tops

Vita Tops has created a so called “healthy” blend to the popular idea of muffin tops and made them gluten free. The box only comes with 4 individually wrapped tops which is surprising since each is only 150 calories apparently. Sorry, breaking my no food science rule but it is worth noting. Once I placed them all on a plate, I realized they remind me more of big fluffy pancakes. I’ll leave that debate to you guys though on what they really are. But to my taste buds, they didn’t really care.

Ease of Cooking (10.0)

Just throw these in the microwave for 15-20 seconds and you are good to go. The box says that a toaster would work well too, which I could see but the microwave is of course more convenient. It did a great job also as they didn’t come out soggy whatsoever. I loved this.

Food (9.8)

I absolutely fell in love with these. Ok so maybe I added syrup and turned them into pancakes. But as a muffin top or a pancake, these are top in their class without a doubt. I only had the chocolate chip available but I will for sure hunt down the other flavors, especially the blueberry ones.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

They are certified gluten free and my gut agreed. You are good to go with these.

Overall (9.9)

This absolutely deserves the rating it is getting. I can’t believe these have been sitting in my freezer for almost a month. I bought them so long ago thinking they would just be decent at best. Wow was I wrong. These will be a permanent stock in my freezer from now on. I very much look forward to finding the next flavor, crossing my fingers for blueberry.