Greater Knead Everything Bagel

Greater Knead Bagel Full

Finding a gluten free bagel used to be an impossible task. Every once in a while you’d come across a rare gem in the freezer aisle that probably tasted like cardboard (not naming you Udi’s – you have been a godsend to the gluten free community for years). But as of lately, I’ve been finding more and more. From the Trader Joe’s GF Bagels to New Cascadia to these Greater Knead GF Everything Bagels and a few others in between that I haven’t reviewed yet. The planets are finally aligning, I think. And this has all been happening very recently, as if these companies have started a gluten free bread/bagel war. The only war I will ever support.

Ease of Cooking (10.0)

They recommend you freeze these bagels which is always easy. But usually when you have to freeze bread, especially gluten free bread, then it never tastes as good as it would fresh. Well these require freezing and then a quick nuke in the microwave for the freshest taste. It doesn’t get any easier than this. Don’t worry about your drunk uncle or clumsy cousin using your dedicated gluten free toaster and stop that search for a multi-purpose convection oven.

Food (8.6)

These bagels are great. Even after microwaving it from frozen. They are a little more chewy then the Trader Joe’s bagel (my gold standard at this point in time) and a little smaller than I would have hoped for but they are tasty. Especially considering they are gluten free, egg free, dairy free, soy free and free from a few other common allergens. But I won’t talk about food science or health in this blog, or mention the fact that these little guys are 300 calories a pop. Not on this blog.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This is as gluten free as it gets. The fact that this is also free of most other notable food ingredients makes this even easier to digest (for me at least). No problems here. Enjoy these to the fullest.

Overall (8.8)

I love this bagel. I will 100% carry these in my freezer at all times. It isn’t better than the Trader Joe’s bagel or the New Cascadia bagel in terms of taste or texture but it is my absolute runner ups.

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