Trader Joe’s Roasted Potatoes

TJ Roasted Potatoes Tray

Trader Joe’s has been really boosting their gluten free game lately. Which isn’t all that surprising given their trendy and progressive cult like food culture. What is surprising though, is that I’m somehow only about half way through clearing out (err I mean “testing”) the TJ products in my freezer. So far, I’ve loved almost everything I’ve “tested” and this bag of classic roasted potatoes with peppers and onions is no exception.

Ease Of Cooking (8.5)

Preheat the oven to a high temp, throw these bad boys in and let them cook. You know the drill. The only reason I deducted any points was because it takes a long time for these suckers to cook to a nice crispy tenderness and you do have to flip them (which is annoying if the entire bag is in there – you can never flip just most of them).

Food (8.9)

These are really stinkin good. The vegetables are a very nice touch, especially since not many other manufacturers of frozen potatoes offer this added bonus. The potatoes themselves were very large and fluffy on the inside. I had to cook them longer then the bag instructs in order to get them crispy on the outside – you know that burnt edge kind of look and taste.

Did I Get Sick (NO?)

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t feel that great in the days after eating this. I wasn’t sick as a dog like I usually am when I eat gluten but I definitely didin’t feel 100%. Now, to the credit of Trader Joe’s (credit being lack of better word), this product isn’t labeled GF but the ingredients doesn’t mention gluten, wheat or any items that would contain it. Maybe they didn’t test these? Or maybe they were processed on equipment that also processed wheat and just didn’t say so? I know that TJ outsources all of their product manufacturing to bigger companies and then just re-brands them as TJ so it is hard to tell the reasoning. It could have been something else that just didn’t agree with me so take away what you will from this.

Overall (7.0)

The score may seem odd considering the points I gave it in the last two sections. But considering they are not labeled GF means I must deduct points. I have a hunch that they might have messed up my system which could have been light glutening but can’t be certain. I’ll conduct more tests in the future which will include Nima but for now a 7.0 is the best I can rate these delicious potatoes.

TJ Roasted Potatoes Bag