Trader Joe’s GF Mac and Cheese

TJ Mac n Cheese

Mac & Cheese is one of those comfort foods that has a big special place in my stomach. And it typically needs a big spot space wise. So far, my favorite Mac & Cheese has been Daiya GF and DF Mac & Cheese. It tasted incredible but didn’t make me feel as bad when I ate it, something about it being dairy free. Recently, that crown has been removed and transferred to Trader Joe’s GF Mac & Cheese. It isn’t even dairy free, which isn’t a prerequisite for the top spot, but should be noted.

Ease Of Cooking (9.5)

I love frozen food that requires only microwaving. Easy and convenient is always the name of my game. However, a lot of foods don’t come out as good as opposed to cooking in the oven. I’ll talk about that in a second but for now, this mac & cheese is very easy to cook. Microwave it for a few minutes, remove, stir and put back in the microwave for a little bit longer and it is ready to enjoy.

Food (9.8)

This mac & cheese is fantastically amazing. If I somehow magically didn’t acquire a big belly from eating this everyday, then I would eat it three times a day. You would think that because the microwave is the only cooking option that it would come out more on the liquid side like most mac n cheeses. You would be wrong. It comes out just as cheesy as mac n cheese you would cook in the oven or on the stove top. Very impressive on Trader Joe’s part.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

You will feel very full, it is mac & cheese after all. But for celiac and gluten sensitivities, this is safe.

Overall (9.9)

Amazing, simply amazing. Daiya used to have the top spot which was impressive considering it was gluten free and dairy free. The fact that you felt less guilty definitely played into it a little but it tasted amazing nonetheless. However, this mac & cheese fills me up in bad ways but I enjoy every second of it. The tastiness of it drowns out the guilt, at least for me. Trader Joe’s, well done, AGAIN.