Trader Joe’s GF DF English Muffin

TJ English Muffin Up Close

A gluten free English Muffin is hard to come by in grocery stores. The muffins that I usually find are buried in the freezer aisle with severe freezer burns. Those typically don’t taste too well or requires a degree in rocket science to cook them right. In comes Trader Joe’s with a roaring applause. Not only did Trader Joe’s create a gluten free English Muffin that is stocked on a room temperature shelf, but it is also dairy free. Win for everyone.

Ease of Cooking (N/A)

This isn’t a frozen product so the ease of cooking rating is not applicable here. Just pop it in your toaster or toaster/convection oven for a few minutes and you are good to go.

Food (8.2)

The muffins are a little flakier then I would have liked but it was still really good.Dairy free, gluten free, can be stored in room temperature on their shelves AND still taste the way it does?! Impressive. Add a little butter or your favorite bread topping and you won’t be disappointed.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Nope. All systems clear, literally and figuratively.

Overall (8.5)

Go find them if you can. You will really like what you taste.