Sushi Lounge Delivery | Hoboken

Gluten free sushi seems like it would be an easy thing to find. It’s usually just some kind of fish and rice wrapped in thin slices of seaweed. That’s as gluten free as it comes right? Well, you know that isn’t true unfortunately. Tempura, spicy mayos, fried fish and soy sauce are in almost all Asian dishes. I tend to believe that Asian/Japanese restaurants just have soy sauce running amok all over the place, like it’s the wild west in there. Kind of like how I believe pizza place chefs are just cooking everything in clouds of flour, like smog pollution taking over cities in China. These may be ridiculous cartoon-like visions but are they that far from the truth? Some Asian restaurants are better at accommodating gluten free eating than others though. Sushi Lounge of Hoboken is one of them.

Food (8.2)

I tend to order the miso soup and regular sushi like salmon rolls, shrimp and avocado, etc. That is what I got for this review. The sushi is really good here. Before celiac, I’ve had some great sushi and had some pretty bad sushi. The rolls that I can eat from Sushi Lounge falls closer to the great sushi side of the spectrum. You can customize them in anyway you want too which is a nice touch.

Sushi Lounge Sushi w GF Soy Sauce

Menu Options (6.0)

The only downside to eating here is the limited gluten free options. You can’t have the fried tempura sushis or the ones with any kind of sauces/spicy mayos which is understandable but a letdown all the same. I feel more grateful though then the need to complain because this place is the ONLY gluten free sushi/Asian food game in town, as far as I know. They don’t mark any sushi to be gluten free but a lot of them are, you just have to know. They do mark a bunch of other items on the menu as gf though.

Accuracy & Speed (8.5)

Dining in at Sushi Lounge is really nice but I usually order delivery just because it is on the other side of town. I also like eating sushi when I’m very hungover on a Sunday night meaning I don’t want to move off my couch. They are typically very fast at delivering to my apartment, under an hour usually which is great. The Accuracy is normally good. But sometimes they won’t read your notes on seamless and customize something the way you want or provide GF soy sauce. I always have GF soy sauce in the fridge anyway so this isn’t too big of a problem for me.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I’ve NEVER gotten sick from eating here, both delivery and dining in. I recently used Nima to confirm my non-scientific gut testing which concurred with a big smiley face. No pitchfork revolts in my gut from eating here.

Overall (7.9)

If they had more options on the menu for gluten free eating this score would be higher. I’m not complaining by any means but if they just offered a gluten free spicy mayo then about 20 more sushi roll options would become available. Still, they do offer a bunch of gluten free options and gluten free soy sauce which is awesome considering no one else in town does. The food that we can eat is great and above all, I never get sick from eating here. All in all a 7.9 seems perfectly fitting.