Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Pizza

TJ Cauli Pizza

Great cheesy pizza is a tale of food as old as time. There isn’t a soul on this planet that doesn’t like a good pizza, unless you have no soul. Before my celiac diagnosis, NY/NJ style pizza straight out of the dirty pizza oven was one of my favorite delicatessens. After celiac, I’ve been limited to restaurant’s frozen pies with unique toppings and the more plain stuff I buy from grocery stores and pack into my freezer. Until the last few years, when gluten free frozen pizzas have had a surge of unique style and flavor. Cauliflower crusted pizza has been the leader of that innovative pack and of course Trader Joe’s has one too.

Ease of Cooking (9.5)

Frozen pizza is inherently easy to cook. Just preheat the oven, pop the pizza on a rack and check back in 15-20 minutes. Temperatures and times always vary depending on crust, what you put the pizza on and how good your oven or toaster oven works. This pizza is no different. Although I have noticed that cauliflower pizzas take a little less time to cook than others. But that could be my fancy insanely powerful multi-purpose toaster oven.

Food (7.0)

Honestly, it was a good pizza but not “Trader Joe’s good” which was surprising. You know the Trader Joe’s good I’m talking about right? The stuff that leaves you wanting more? Again, this was definitely good but not up to that standard. If I’m buying gluten free pizza and want to be healthy I will always look to cauliflower crusted pizza. It is great that Trader Joe’s offers this since trendy and healthy is what they are good at. However, I felt this pizza lacked the flavor and kick that many other frozen pizzas offer.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

No sickness here. No revolting gut problems and no riots in my tummy. I’ve heard rumors that Trader Joe’s gluten free claims can’t be trusted but I’ve honestly never had a problem with their products. This one was no different for me.

Overall (7.5)

It was a good pizza. I do think there are better pizzas out there that carry more spice in the sauce, better types of cheeses and overall better flavor. Again, this was a good pizza but no where near the best of the pack. If I had a whole bunch of gluten free pizza choices in front of me I wouldn’t pick it but if I’m in Trader Joe’s and craving a healthier pizza to eat that night then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it, since they offer no other gluten free pizzas. Was that an overkill explanation? Maybe but you get the idea.