Daiya Mac n Cheese

Daiya Cheddar Mac

Great, delicious and picturesque Mac n Cheese is typically built upon two things – gluten and dairy.  I’ve had to endure taking away one of those ingredients thanks to celiac. I’ve embraced that and thrived on it. Gluten free mac n cheese has come a long way. But dairy free? No way. Give me cheese all day every day on everything. I’ve had dairy free mac n cheese before and it tasted like actual cardboard. However, Daiya has done something that used to seem impossible and came out with a gf AND df mac n cheese that has actually blown me away. I never thought I would be reviewing gluten free AND dairy free mac n cheese while having a smile on my face.


Most people will probably think I’m crazy for giving this low score to an item that takes a total of 10 minutes to cook. I hate cooking though and I hate cleanups even more. This product comes with the classic cheese packet and uncooked pasta which means MESSY. You must boil water, cook the pasta in the water, strain the mac and then apply the cheese packet. This just isn’t convenient. Was it easy? Sure, easy enough. But the cleanup sucks for these classic mac n cheese products. Is it better than the frozen microwaveable or oven ready products though? MUCH BETTER. And that is the point I guess. I just prefer setting and forgetting.

Daiya Cooking Instructions

FOOD (9.9)

Step aside Stouffers, or whatever your preferred mac n cheese product happens to be. This is the new top dog on the block. AND it is dairy free. Did I mention that already? I’m still baffled it tasted this good. An absolute must for anyone wanting a classic, tale as old as time, cook it yourself mac n cheese from the grocery store. You’ll feel better about eating it and your taste buds will still party.


If I got sick from eating this I’d have to resort to eating leaves off of trees to satisfy my gut. This is as good as it gets for a product that is traditionally extremely unhealthy and makes everyone bloat. None of that and zero guilt after eating it, at least for me. Embrace it and enjoy it.


Love this stuff. Go buy some now. I can’t wait till I have this again and feel no guilt after eating it. I’m going to try the Alfredo flavor next.