Grand Vin | Hoboken

How do I describe Grand Vin in Hoboken? Italian? True but that doesn’t cut it. Cozy? True as well but again, that doesn’t cut it. How about this: If you needed to go on a date with your significant other and you wanted to make sure the night ended well and continued into the next morning, then go to Grand Vin. Girls love this place for the atmosphere (incredible lighting everywhere), coziness, incredible wine list and unique Italian-ish food. And guys love it for the food and the results. I think that adequately describes it.

Oh yea, about the gluten free eating here. Overall, I think this is a great spot for gluten free eaters. I’ve been coming here for a few years and Grand Vin has been constantly upping their gluten free game. Service is great, typically. Food is outstanding. A lot of options on the menu. Onto the more detailed review…

Food (9.7)

Like I said, the food here is outstanding. They have a ton of gluten free options but the two dishes I almost exclusively go for is the French Onion Soup and the rigatoni (gf pasta substitution) with bacon, prosciutto, grilled chicken and creamy mascarpone cheese sauce. This cheese sauce is heaven in cream form. I can’t describe how good it is. For appetizer we split the stuffed mushrooms (I’m a sucker for mushrooms also). I also got my typical French Onion soup (it isn’t labeled gluten free but just tell them no bread on top and you will be fine). And for the entree I got the aforementioned pasta dish.

My girlfriend got the short rib with risotto which naturally came gluten free out of the kitchen. I tried some and it was also mouthwatering. We shared a dessert. The only gf dessert was a flourless chocolate cake, which was decorated better then it tasted.

Drinks (9.8)

This place is a wine snob’s dream. Almost as good, if not better then Bin 14 Wine and Bistro across town. But the regular cocktail menu is also fantastic. You will be very impressed with whatever you are drinking here, just as you will be with the food.

Service (9.0)

The service here is among the best. The menu clearly labels a ton of stuff gluten free already which is a great basis for talking with your server. But regardless, the servers are typically very knowledgeable and understanding of safe gluten free eating.

The only reason they are not given a full 10 is because I learned lately that they are not allowed in the kitchen to oversee anything. They typically will give you that disclaimer as a warning that they can’t fully control any mistakes that might happen in the kitchen with regards to cross contamination because of this. Plus the kitchen isn’t a dedicated gluten free facility so just like anywhere else, you will always run a risk of getting glutened here. The chances are very low as the kitchen is trained in gluten free food prep but kudos to the staff for starting to let people know that.

Menu Honesty (8.5)

The menu is very honest and the restaurant does a great job updating and maintaining it from a gluten free standpoint. The kitchen disclaimer must come from the server though which isn’t ideal; it should come from the menu. Also, about a year ago they mistakenly printed their menu with meatballs labeled gluten free. I asked the waitress how they made them gluten free and she came back alerting me that the menu was wrong. I was very surprised but kudos again for their honesty. By the time I came back a few months later, the menu changed to be more accurate which is outstanding. But make sure you ALWAYS double check with your server here. For that one instance alone, points had to be slightly deducted.

Grand Vin Menu

Did I Get Sick (NO)

So far the only spot I’ve gotten sick from after starting the blog has been Urban Coalhouse in Hoboken. Keep in mind, my celiac is severe so this is a testament to how far restaurants have come in recent times with regards to safe gluten free eating. It also helps that I live in an area where restaurants must cater to that or else they will lose business. Safe gluten free eating isn’t a one time thing around here, it is very prevalent.

Overall (9.0)

Grand Vin of Hoboken is a must for gluten free eaters. Great service, incredible atmosphere and even better food. Just make sure you tell your server how severe your allergy is and ask questions. As long as you do that, you can’t go wrong here.