Quest Pizza

Quest Pizza

You know that company that makes those colorful protein bars you see everywhere? The ones that have great flavors, a lot of protein and are magically low in carbs? Well that company, called Quest Nutrition, has recently come out with a variety of pizzas. Yes, you are reading this right. Pizzas. Shock paired with a triple take to make sure I was seeing this correctly in the freezer aisle of Target is an understatement. Still shocked after cooking it and eating it too. I picked up the pepperoni version for this review. Can you believe they are advertising 20+ grams of protein for these pizzas? I never once thought I’d see the words pizza and protein on the front of any box in the history of food products. But Quest has done just that.

Ease of Cooking (9.5)

Just as easy as any frozen pizza I’ve ever cooked. Preheat oven to 400, pop it in the oven directly on the rack and in 15-20 minutes you have a perfectly cooked protein filled pizza. Protein and pizza? I can’t believe I’m even writing this.

Food (9.6)

I can’t believe I’m writing this either. It tasted freaking good. Like really really good. It kind of had a kick to it but the cheese combo was perfect. It kind of reminded me of Ellios pizza which was my favorite as a kid. I definitely didn’t taste any protein besides the protein but I’m no food scientist so how would I know? I definitely won’t be eating this after any workouts though. This might be more of a way to make pizza feel less guilty, even though I never felt any to begin with.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This is certified Gluten Free and labeled on the box. I also used my newly purchased friend Nima to test it as well. She approved. Didn’t get sick whatsoever.

Overall (9.6)

I’m actually giving a product that claims to be a “protein pizza” a 9.6. I would expect to give it the reverse but Quest has really outdone themselves here. Again, if you want to purchase this because it contains more protein than other pizzas or because it feels less guilty, that is your choice. I will continue to buy it simply because it tastes dam good. Quest, you took a risk and I think the reward will be great. Nice job.

Check out Quest’s pizza page here to order them