Van’s Gluten Free Pancakes

Van's Gluten Free Pancakes

Van’s products are typically my go to quick breakfast product. I think they are on the healthier side, at least they make me feel that way. They are easy to cook. And taste great with or without drowning it in syrup. Have only 10 minutes to spare before rushing out the door on your crazy busy morning? Rely on Van’s.

Ease Of Cooking (9.6)

Put them in your toaster or stick em in the microwave. I prefer the toaster but every one in a while I’ll use the microwave and they taste great either way. The microwave of course makes them a little bit soggier but if you drown it in syrup like I do then you won’t notice. Very easy to cook and really makes things convenient.

Food (9.1)

Love these pancakes. No, they don’t taste like some gourmet pancakes with all the fancy add ons that you might get from your favorite breakfast spot. But for what they are and for being gluten free, I think these things taste great. I always drizzle a bit of honey on them and pour a lot more maple syrup which makes them taste even better. But alone, they taste great.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Certified gluten free and never had a problem.

Overall (9.3)

Need I say more?