Bluestone Lane Delivery | Hoboken

Being “basic” is either a loved or hated term for people (almost always girls) that live in this area. Regardless of your feelings for it, Bluestone Lane is as basic as it gets. It is like the Panera Bread of breakfast which I don’t usually care for. I typically go for the big artery clogging breakfasts that include meat, eggs, potatoes and cheese. You know, the delicious kind of breakfasts, as long as it is gluten free. But every once in a blue moon (is that a pun?) my very basic girlfriend talks me into eating a very basic breakfast with her. This overcast Sunday morning we ordered Bluestone Lane via the delivery app called Postmates. Satisfied is how I’d describe it.

Food (7.3)

Basic and gluten free usually goes hand in hand also. I don’t like that because I’m not basic, but as long as I have more options then who’s complaining. Bluestone Lane can adjust their entire menu (which is tiny to begin with) to be gluten free which is cool. The food here is pretty good but I wouldn’t get it on a consistent basis or ever crave it. I got the GF banana bread with honey, ricotta, blueberries and pecans on it. I’m not a sweets guy in the morning but this was pretty good. I also got the avocado toast (if I’m being basic for a morning then I may as well go all out) which wasn’t half bad. I ordered a poached egg on top because I need eggs in my morning.

Menu Options (8.6)

They can do the entire menu gluten free which I mentioned. This is cool but the menu is so small to begin with. It is only items that have to do with toast. I imagine their kitchen only having a row of like 15 toasters. So your only options are basic, basic and extra basic. If you’re not feeling basic, then move on with your life.

Accuracy & Speed (8.0)

Accuracy was spot on. They didn’t mess up the order, how could you when the menu is only 6 options long. The speed is where the problem is. They don’t actually offer full delivery service in Hoboken which is why I’ve deducted points. If you want this place delivered, you have to use an app called Postmates which is either a blessing or a curse. This isn’t a review about Postmates, which charges an arm and a leg and can sometimes take hours, but instead a review of Bluestone. So I’ll keep it that way.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I did dine in here one time and they said they use a separate space and equipment for gluten free orders. For only have 6 items on the menu, it would be disappointing if they didn’t figure out to use their commercial kitchen space in a way that could safely serve gluten free eaters. Eat their food in peace but make sure you stress your allergy is severe, just in case someone gets lazy. Again, I imagine a hundred toasters lined up ready for duty. I don’t know how easy it would be to stick your toast into the wrong toaster.

Overall (7.8)

This place isn’t half bad. There might be a bias in this review because I’m not basic, despite me eating at basic places, having a basic girlfriend, living in a basic town and having a basic blog about a basic dietary restriction. But I’m not basic. My girlfriend is though and she agrees with this review, for what that is worth. All in all, you can safely eat here as a gluten free eater, have access to the entire menu (all 6 items) and can join the basic crowd. Overall, the score is fitting I think.