Brazi Bites Cheese Bread

Have you ever dined at a Brazilian Steakhouse? Or maybe a Cuban/Spanish restaurant like The Cuban in Hoboken? If you have, you’ve probably noticed that they serve some form of bread that everyone at your table is devouring by the handful. Guess what, this kind of bread is almost always safe for a gluten free eater. Don’t even tell your friends, just eat one and have them watch in horror (assuming they know your issue). It is pretty entertaining, I’ve done it before. The reason it is safe is because they use tapioca flour or yuca flour which is 100% gluten free. No wheat! Brazi Bites is here to bring that to your home in the form of Brazilian Cheese bread with some fun flavors. You can check their website for their four flavors and more info.

Onto the review…

Ease of Cooking (8.5)

I always start with this because this blog focuses on convenience from the gluten free standpoint. With this product, things are pretty convenient. You simply take the frozen little nuggets of cheese bread and place them onto a baking sheet (I always spray some PAM down to make sure nothing sticks) and pop into the oven. The oven needs to be preheated to 400 (maybe 450? I forget) and then cooked for 20ish minutes. All in all, pretty easy. You don’t need to flip them or anything. Just make sure they don’t get too brown or cracked looking.

Food (9.2)

These little things are so good. I’ve only had three of the four flavors since I can’t find the cheese pizza version anywhere. But of the other three, zesty pepper jack is my favorite. It has a little kick that makes each bite amazing. They are small enough to take down in one bite which means there is just enough flavor packed in each one. Some freezer foods give you a weird full feeling after eating a lot, these don’t. I’ve 3/4 the bag in one sitting before and always felt decently full after.

Brazi Bites

Did I Get Sick (NO)

This product is advertised as gluten free and certified as well. You have no worries with Brazi Bites, or any of their flavors.

Overall (9.3)

If you can find these at a store near you (their website has a store locator on it somewhere) then definitely pick yourself up a bag or two. Gluten eaters and gluten free eaters alike will love this as I’ve found. They typically make for a great appetizer or a side dish to your main meal, but what do I know about that.


Check them out on their website here