The Cookie Dough Cafe

Cookie Dough Cafe Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

Eating cookie straight out of a jar was a childhood right of passage. If your parents didn’t try to scare you with the idea of getting salmonella poisoning while you scooped up gobs of un-baked cookie dough; then you were doing the kid thing wrong. Well, our inner child can now rejoice. Some genius out in the world decided that eating cookie dough shouldn’t just be a memory, or a dangerous reality. Thanks to the Cookie Dough Cafe, we can now eat like a child again.

I was able to try (actually I ate 2 jars) the oatmeal cookie dough which was unbelievable. By far, my favorite gluten free product I’ve ever eaten. There is also bad news to be paired to this overall good news I’m presenting. The bad news is that not all flavors are gluten free. In fact, only one flavor that I know of is gluten free. That flavor, which is what I had obviously, is oatmeal chocolate chip. I still feel fortunate all the same since it was so good. So no complaints here. Onto the review….

Ease of Cooking (N/A)

A rating can’t be given since this doesn’t need to be cooked. It’s funny because that idea alone should make this a 10 since cookie dough is meant to be cooked. For this product, all you do is throw this in your refrigerator (it will last 20 days in there) or your freezer (which will last a year). If you throw this in your freezer, you have the strength and will of a mythological hero. If you are normal like me, it won’t last one day in your refrigerator. No need to bake. No need to heat up. Just eat it like you are a child, right out of the jar from the fridge.

Food (10.0)

I rarely give any food products or food from restaurants a perfect 10. In fact, I don’t think I ever have or ever will. This is an exception. I can’t describe how good this stuff is. If the other flavors taste this good, then they have a gold mine of a business on their hands. Good luck not gaining 10 lbs in the next few weeks if you have this easily accessible, even if us gluten free eaters can only enjoy one flavor. You can also purchase from their online store, which is pretty awesome but deadly at the same time. This stuff is so addicting. Enjoy and good luck to your diet.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

They do some sort of “lateral flow assay tasting” to ensure this flavor is gluten free? Not sure what that means but sounds interesting. This isn’t a science blog so I won’t go into the science of that. One thing to note though, is that they use oat flour. Makes sense, it is an oatmeal flavor. However, I know that it is often argued in the gluten free community if oats are gluten free or not. I for one have had issues with certain oats, and some I have not. This is something I didn’t have a reaction to at all. I was just extremely bloated because of the other things like fat, sugar and whale size calories. But no gluten sickness.

Overall (9.0)

This deserves a 10 but they only offer 1 flavor. If they could somehow adjust their products to make them all naturally gluten free, they would receive a perfect 10. Until then, enjoy edible oatmeal cookie dough from The Cookie Dough Cafe right out of the jar with a massive smile on your face. Just like I did.

Buy from their online store here