The Spot | Montclair


Montclair is one of those “hip” kind of towns and the restaurants around town serve that clientele well. The Spot is no exception. Good luck finding a better “spot” for gluten free eating and comfort food in the NJ and NYC area. The best thing about this spot is that the owner has celiac disease. Gluten free eaters can eat in heavenly peace here because of that. The food is sourced in a way that everything can be prepared gluten free. A totally separate kitchen is used for everything gluten free as well. Zero percent chance of cross contamination and everything on the menu is designed by someone who has your issue. AMEN.

Another great thing is locally sourced organic food comprises most of the food supply. BUT, since almost everything is deep fried, healthy isn’t a word that should be used in association with The Spot. They do have some health selections. But who cares. You don’t come here to eat healthy. You come here to indulge in your inner 5 year old cravings. Remember the days where your grandma wanted to make you happy by ensuring you grew up to be 500lbs from eating her incredible cooking? Mac n cheese, grilled cheese, big breakfasts? I miss those days more then then I miss my girlfriend when we are apart for long periods of time. Well miss those indulgences no more. Gluten free eaters can feast on those kinds of foods once again and they can bring their non-gluten free significant other as well. Everyone will roll away happy.

Onto the ratings….

Food (9.5)

The food is here is outstanding. The fact that I can have wings, fried mac and cheese bites, tater tots, and anything else my inner child’s heart desires is the BIGGEST plus of this restaurant. None of it is the pre-frozen mass produced junk you find at most places either. It is all cooked from scratch and tastes phenomenal for gluten free food. My grandma would be jealous. I’ve had a lot on the menu and have never had anything bad. My favorite is the carbonara mac n cheese and the cheddar bacon fries. I love their wings, tots, mac n cheese balls, omelets and just about everything else on the menu though.

Drinks (N/A)

This place is BYO. Not a bad thing but must be noted. No deduction of points here either. Drinks would just fill you up a little faster and make you order less. That means you’ll miss out on great stuff.

Service (10.0)

I’m a veteran at this place and I’ve never had bad service. They all are very well trained in the art of accommodating gluten free eaters thanks to their celiac boss. They are also always kind, understanding, communicative and have never messed up. Bravo.

Menu Honesty (10.0)

The menu has a plethora (do you like that SAT word?) of labeling and gluten free disclaimers. No need to ask your server for the background and history of every item you’re curious over. It is all written in plain text, right there in front of you. Other gluten free accommodating establishments need to take notes. Very clear and easy to read menu as well, unlike Greenhouse Cafe in LBI that also serves gluten free eaters incredible well.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

Nope. I mean, the owner has celiac disease so the food is sourced and prepared properly. They also utilize an entire separate kitchen for gluten free prepping and cooking. The only way I see a gluten free eater getting sick is by knowingly taking a bite of their significant others plate full of gluten.

Overall (9.7)

This is an insanely high rating but one that is very well deserved. All other restaurants that accommodate gluten free eaters in someway should aspire to be on The Spot’s level of gluten free greatness. Travel far and wide to come here and try this place out. Make sure you order extras to go too. You’ll thank me later.