5 Napkin Burger | NYC

I have been dying to try this place for years but never got the chance. Considering I eat out so much, it makes no sense why I didn’t eat here until last week. So as you can expect, the built up excitement and expectations were tremendous. I’m happy to report, this place didn’t let me down one bit. The atmosphere wasn’t anything to write home about but the food was out of this world.

I must admit some burger bias before going forward. I’m a huge sucker for a great burger and even more a sucker for gluten free fries. To my girlfriend if you are reading this: you now know the key to my heart and forgiveness for all future fights. Just bring me a gluten free burger and gluten free fries, preferably from 5 Napkin. This is a fantasy though because I’m a guy and she is a girl. So regardless of who actually is right or wrong in any fight – I’m automagically wrong. Anyway, I’m rambling again. Sorry. Back to the review….

Food (9.7)

I’m running out of numbers for these reviews but honestly this food is UN-freaking-believably good. My spellcheck is going nuts too with these misspellings but they are meant to prove a point here. I can honestly say I’ve never had a better burger in my entire gluten free life. The “truffle” burger is what I ordered. This consists of taleggio cheese (never heard of it before), house made porcini ketchup (got on the side), fried egg and black & white truffle butter on a toasted gluten free bun. Bacon was added upon my request which upped the WOW factor even more. These flavors just explode in your mouth. I can’t get over how good it was. The gluten free fries were fantastic too. Perfectly crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside. All cooked in a dedicated fryer! I can’t wait to go back here.

Don’t ask me which brand the gf bun was because I don’t know nor did I care at the moment. Sorry that isn’t good reviewer etiquette but if you ate here you’d understand. Also, I was told by the server that other staff members have celiac disease (like myself) so everyone is aware of safe prep practices for gluten free eaters.

Drinks (8.7)

The drinks here were really good and very interesting. It was surprising how eclectic the drink menu was. I had the smoky tom which mixed two tequilas, agave and lime. I had two of them before I switched to white wine.

Service (9.1)

The service was really good here. For such a large place with many tables, I expected it to be a bit slow and chaotic. That wasn’t the case at all. This is a well run operation with servers whom appear to be trained well with food coming out constantly. Nothing was messed up with the order and the server was very knowledgeable about my issue and what the menu could offer me. Top notch service.

Menu Honesty (N/A)

Why oh why can’t places just add gluten free labeling or disclaimers to their menu. As great as the service was, I hate relying on service alone for this information. It is far more helpful for me to talk with my server about what is already labeled on the menu then have them be put in the knowledge hot seat. I knew from research that they could accommodate me 100% but not having any mention of any gf options was a let down and will cost this place in points. Remember, these reviews and ratings are from a gluten free standpoint.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I came away feeling stuffed like a turkey but no sickness afterwards whatsoever. They took care of me very well here. I recommend this place for celiac and light gluten intolerances alike.

Overall (9.3)

The food was outstanding, service was great and drinks were impressively interesting. This is a MUST. I can’t wait to go back here and have that truffle burger again. I can taste it still and am mouthwatering as I type this. You will NOT be disappointment in this place in food quality, taste, and gluten free accommodations/options.