Turning Point | Hoboken

Turning Point is one of the most popular breakfast spots in Hoboken and for good reason. Turning Point is one of those spots that you crave in all kinds of situations when you wake up. Did your tinder date go really well the night before but don’t want to cook them breakfast in the morning? Go to Turning Point. Did you have a crazy night out with your friends and woke up thinking you were going to die from your hangover? Go to Turning Point. Did your mother just unexpectedly come into town to see how you were doing but you don’t want to her to see that she has raised a total slob? Go to Turning Point.

Waiting 20-30 minutes to sit down at this place is typical so go here expecting that. But also expect to come away thinking, why can’t other places serve up breakfast like Turning Point does? The answer is simple. Because no one else does. Unique breakfast dishes that have that “homecooked” feel is just what Turning Point specializes in. That is why they aren’t even open for Dinner. They know they are great at breakfast and STICK to it. I’ve been here many times, even though they’re gluten free menu is limited. In fact, they just unfortunately got rid of their gluten free menu but they haven’t made any changes to the dishes that came gluten free so that’s a loss for newcomers but no changes for us veterans.

Onto the review….

Food (9.5)

The food I get is always consistently great here. I order this place delivery and pickup a lot but having it in the restaurant is far better, just like anywhere. It is the difference between seeing the beach from your car with the windows down and actually being on the beach. I always go with one of the skillet egg dishes. When I tell you I got 2 entire entrees for breakfast, for myself, I mean it. Did I eat all of both of them? Absolutely! Do I feel like I could compete in sumo wrestling afterwards? Absolutely! But so worth it.

Anyway, enough of my rambling. The first dish I got was this new cauliflower breakfast flat bread that is labeled GF (the only thing on this new menu that is labeled GF which is confusing – I’ll explain why in the menu portion). It is called the “Cali Morning Flatbread.” It has in it, and I quote, herbed cauliflower crust, basil pesto, sauteed peppers, chicken sausage & caramelized onions, topped with a layer of fresh baby spinach leaves, 2 sunny side up eggs, parmesan cheese & red pepper flakes. Holy hell that is a long ingredient list. But so delicious and creative. This new item is a must try.

The other dish I got isn’t explicitly labeled gluten free but just ask them to not bring the muffin with it and you’ll be fine. I know from experience. This is the “Basic Skillet” which is basically 2 eggs (your way – I get them over easy) on top of melted cheddar and jack cheese over a bed of breakfast potatoes with your choice of additions. I add into it crumbled bacon, ham, mushrooms and avocado. It is served in a piping hot skillet. Serving anything in a piping hot skillet makes everything taste better so kudos to these guys for figuring that out. BEST BREAKFAST AWARD.

Drinks (N/A)

Everyone raves about their coffee and drink specials but they don’t serve alcohol. A lot of people bring in their own champagne and pair with Turning Point’s fresh squeezed OJ for mimosas which always looks good. I won’t dock any points overall for this category as BYO isn’t a negative thing at all. Just worth noting.

Service (6.8)

Service is decent here at best. The staff doesn’t have the best knowledge of gluten free eating needs but through my own trial and error here over the last 6 years – I’ve learned what to say and ask for. They never mess up my order and they have never looked at me like I had three heads after telling them my celiac issue. So for that, they deserve at least in the high sixes. Again, keep in mind that I have a lot of experience at this restaurant so there is some bias.

Menu Honesty (N/A)

This is a tough category to rate for Turning Point of Hoboken. They used to have a dedicated gluten free menu, which I would have rated in the 9’s. But they got rid of that and now only label one menu item as GF. The GF menu was easy to read, gave clear instructions for what dishes from the main menu needed substitutions to make it gluten free, etc etc. Why didn’t they just carry that info over onto the new menu and make it one big book? Their main menu didn’t change at all, they just added to it. Very confusing.  Turning Point appears to have turned their backs on the GF community in a weird way. I’m not posting menu pictures for this one review because the menu is literally like a book (so many items) and nothing is labeled GF. This will affect the overall score.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I must add this disclaimer. I didn’t get sick this time and majority of the time I don’t. But I have gotten sick before. They have messed up my order and brought out bread on top of everything before. This has happened rarely but it has happened. This place can be enjoyed without getting sick if you know what to ask for, how to talk to the server about your issues and understand their cooking practices. I’ve been here too many times so I have a slight advantage over the gluten free eater just randomly stopping in for a bite. This place is only slightly risky but the risk increased or decreases depending on how you handle it. Servers will only go so far no matter how nice they are and the chefs can be inconsistent here. The rating below reflects all of this.

Overall (7.1)

If they kept the old menu, they would have gotten in the low 8’s. But remember, this isn’t purely about food or the kindness of their service (both are great). This is about the restaurant as a whole and how it serves the typical gluten free eater. So with that said, they only receive a 7.1 which isn’t bad, but could have been much better especially with their outstanding breakfast dishes. I will continue to keep returning and enjoying their food. Anyone with a gluten intolerance, allergy or celiac disease should definitely try this place. HIGHLY recommended despite the score.