The Cuban | Hoboken

Cuban cuisine and gluten free eating is a natural match made in heaven. The Cuban in Hoboken fits right into that idea. I’d say it is like white on rice, but I’m not fond of cliche’s or puns. From the outside, it looks like a pretty small spot with a simple bar and tables. You’d be wrong to think that. This place is huge. Did you call yourself sophisticated, classy and a foodie on tinder? Well, ask for a table in the app and your date will stop thinking your a D-bag and actually believe you. Very speakeasy like with awesome vibes. I’ve never been to Cuba but this area is known for authentic Cuban food. I’ve eaten at The Cuban a lot and this spot ranks among the best in terms of everything, especially gluten free food.

The review…

Food (9.4)

Whether you are celiac, gluten intolerant, scared gluten will jump off the table and attack you, or indulge in all things wheat – you will very much enjoy the food here. I can speak for everyone because ALMOST everything is completely gluten free here. The only reason of few of their classic items like plantain chips aren’t gluten free is because they use the dreaded shared fryer for some items. Oh well, no one’s perfect.

We don’t order appetizers here for two reasons. They are probably delicious, but the entree is huge. Plus, I can actually eat the bread here as it is made from tapioca, which I guess is the common flour of South America? Someone with Spanish descent told me that. Oh wait, I’m Spanish. Anyway, the bread is always piping hot which is a nice plus.

The Cuban Bread

For the entree, my girlfriend and I get the same dish every time we go. Pretty boring but it is so freaking good that we can’t bring ourselves to order anything else. We both agree it is one of our favorite meals. We get the Vaca Frita which is twice cooked crispy skirt steak, tomato escabeche, avocado, white rice, black beans and garlic mojo. The presentation of the food, flavors and quantity is amazing. I’ve seen people get other dishes and no one has ever been disappointed. I also get a side of yuca con mojo. Kettlebell Kitchen has opened my eyes to the wonders of Yuca so this side is hard for me to avoid.

Drinks (9.1)

If you’re craving a good mojito. They do them right here. My girlfriend loves their Sangria so that’s another good one. They have great selections of wine too. Overall, can’t go wrong with drinks here. They are just as good as the food.

Service (9.0)

The service here is always top notch. They know the menu inside and out, understand the cooking prep routines and know all about gluten. Very helpful servers that are clearly well trained. I’ve never once had an issue with service here. The only reason I can’t rank it a 10 is because there have been a few spots in the city where service was over the top good, but The Cuban is definitely among the best.

Menu Honesty (N/A)

This is one of those rare occasions where not labeling anything on the menu as gluten free (or having a separate menu) is actually ok. The reason is because almost everything is gluten free. The only problem is that they use a shared fryer for some items so they should at least make mention of that. However, the service is outstanding and the servers are all well trained so this, for once, isn’t much an issue.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I’ve never gotten sick from eating here. I know I only order one entree from the menu but there are so many protective layers ensuring you won’t get sick. It starts with Cuban food naturally being gluten free and ending with very trained knowledgeable servers.

Overall (9.1)

Love this place. Great atmosphere, food, service and a gluten free heaven. Highly recommended for gluten free eaters and gluten eaters alike. I’d rate them higher if they didn’t use a shared fryer (then the entire menu could be gluten free) and if they had labeling of some sort on the menu. Small negatives here though.