Dr. Praeger’s Breakfast Bowl

Dr Paeger's Egg White & Kale Breakfast Bowl These guys make a pretty good microwaveable breakfast. I’ve had Dr Praeger’s Huevos Rancheros Breakfast Bowl before which is pretty decent but this one is much better. I guess I could talk about how this is very low calorie (200). I could talk about how this has few ingredients, all of which are easy to pronounce. But this isn’t a food science or health blog. So I won’t mention any of that. I’ve only found this brand at Whole Foods in the gluten free freezer section but I haven’t seen it at my local King’s Supermarket or Trader Joe’s. Since my Kettlebell Kitchen Meal Prep service only covers Mon-Sat, this is a good substitute when I need it on Sundays. This product DOES explicitly state that it is certified gluten free by the way. Huge plus.

Ease of Cooking (8.7)

This is very easy to cook. Microwaveable meals typically are the easiest. This would have gotten a higher rating except for the fact that it requires you to take it out after 3 minutes of nuking. At that point, you have to take off the wrapper enough to stir, then put the wrapper back on and re-nuke for about 30 seconds. Not hard at all but worth noting. Even if you didn’t follow the directions perfectly, it would still probably come out fine.

The Food (9.2)

I really like this. It tastes great. The egg whites are fluffy. The potatoes taste like high quality fresh potatoes and anything with cheddar cheese bumps up my ratings a bit. Nice job Doc.

Dr Praeger's Breakfast Bowl After Cooking

Did I Get Sick (NO)

My gut and my taste-buds are getting along just fine after this meal. No problems whatsoever.

Overall (8.9)

Well done Doc. Well done. Give your chefs and meal packaging team a high five and keep pumping these babies out into food stores.