The Mission is Convenience

This blog is meant to be different and focus on something that other gluten free blogs don’t typically cover. I will not try and cover every single facet of the gluten free lifestyle. There won’t be any long recipes, cooking instructions or food pictures overlooking cliche sunsets. You won’t find any scientific research or talk about new healthy diets. I’m focusing on what was lost with my celiac diagnosis – convenience.

Remember the good old days of going to eat with friends on a whim and not caring where you ate? Or going to the food store and buying something new without taking a magnifying glass out to read the label? Eating conveniently is kind of a memory. Going food shopping takes longer, eating out is more stressful and having fun in general takes time and research. The internet is saturated with random gf lists and paid promotions but I’m always on the hunt for new restaurants and products. I’ll try just about anything that is gluten free.

I want to share all of that research and experience with you but I’m going to start with Hoboken, Jersey City and New York City first. Just to start you off, here is my list of restaurants that I will be visiting in the upcoming months which I’ll review.

What you WILL find in this blog:

  1. Restaurant reviews in the Hoboken, Jersey City and NYC areas from the gluten free standpoint
  2. Ratings for those restaurants with criteria that really matters to gluten free eaters
  3. Gluten free food product reviews
  4. Tips and tricks for being gluten free and convenient, but not conveniently gluten free

What you WON’T find here:

  1. Recipes
  2. Mention of other allergies
  3. Talk about healthy diet fads
  4. Talk about food science and/or biology