GF Restaurant Experience in Today’s World

Many restaurants today will label half their menu to be gluten free, just because it is trendy. A lot of times it ends up being false advertising. My gut has a funny way of knowing which items are truthfully GF and which are lies. This is tough when you are out with friends. I’m not embarrassed about being celiac but don’t want to be difficult. I’m easy going by nature. Do I have to present myself as the special guy who needs special treatment though? Should I just bite the bullet and take a risk? Should I force my friends to dine near a hospital? There are ways to manage this but the most effective is to conduct big ugly time consuming RESEARCH

On the second date with my long-time girlfriend, I called our restaurant of choice ahead of time (Grand Vin in Hoboken) and I pulled the waiter aside twice to confirm my app and entree choice was safe. I didn’t want her knowing I was gluten free but it backfired as my efforts ended up just looking weird AF. She thought I was getting her a birthday cake. I didn’t even know when her birthday was at at this point (10 months away). FAIL. I obviously had to tell her I was celiac to save face. We’re still together so you can assume how it turned out.

Preparation like this takes a special degree in food investigation and persistence that not many colleges offer. It can be tiring. I’m assuming many of you have this gluten free convenience problem like I do. I want to help solve that here with this blog. That is why, for this blog, I want to focus on quick, easy to read and entertaining local restaurant and product reviews from the gluten free standpoint.

Check out the list of upcoming restaurants that I will be visiting and reviewing in the near future. All from the gluten free standpoint.