Quality Greens Kitchen | Hoboken

In this gluten free review, I take a look at Quality Greens Kitchen in Hoboken. This spot isn’t a full service restaurant but instead is a quick counter service restaurant that offers many gluten free options. The location of this place is very interesting. If QGK is the angel on my shoulder telling me “Eat Healthy! Eat Healthy!” then the devil on my shoulder is their direct next door neighbor – Chipotle. I tend to eat QGK more often from delivery then I do if I’m just walking down Washington Street. How does anyone have the strength to decide QGK over Chipotle when they are direct neighbors? Life is hard sometimes in weird ways.

Back to the important stuff. For quick service restaurant reviews, the rating criteria is a little different then full service restaurant reviews. The criteria consists of Food, Menu Options, Did I Get Sick, and Overall. Everything is rated from 0-10 (10 being best) except for the Did I Get Sick portion.

Food (8.7)

The food here is fantastic. It tastes fresh, flavorful and awesome all around. I can’t say I’ve really had anything bad on the menu. My go-to order is the sliced hanger steak meal which comes on either a bed of quinoa or brown rice along with 2 sides. I go for the brown rice bed, broccoli side and gluten free mac and cheese side. Yup, your gluten free tunnel vision saw that correctly. Gluten free mac and cheese and it is damn good. I’m a big mac and cheese guy and this stuff ranks up there with the best. A nice breadcrumb coating with the perfect blend of cheeses. Did I mentioned I order 3 sides of it along with my main meal? I usually end feeling like I’m having twins afterwards but it is so worth it. Oh yea, the steak and and broccoli are really good too.

Menu Options (9.0)

They have a lot of great gluten free options. Their are five main meals to choose from and then a ton of side and salad options. The five main meals are Salmon, Chicken, Tofu, Steak and Vegetarian Trio. I like the salmon, chicken and steak a lot but the steak is my favorite. I’ve never had the Tofu or Vegetarian trio and probably never will. Sorry, I respect the vegetarian lifestyle but I’m a unapologetic carnivore. Check out the menu for yourself in the picture gallery below.

Did I Get Sick (NO)

I’ve ordered from here a lot and I’ve never gotten sick once. When they first opened, I talked with the owner who said they make sure there is no cross contamination and that all items are cooked and prepared separately.  However, we all know that those measures helps, as long as there is gluten in the kitchen then there is the possibility. I’m happy to say that I think their cooking procedures and the way they line up the food for serving ensures there aren’t any problems. I’ve never gotten sick once and this recent visit this week was no different.

Overall (8.9)

This place is fantastic. With regards to quick counter service restaurants, this is probably the best in Hoboken. I’ve had a few great places across the river in nyc as well and this competes with the best. Highly recommended for their great gluten free variety and quick, filling, tasty gluten free meals.